Wildlife Tours Featuring East Africa’s Big Cats

Wildlife tours in East Africa are leading adventures many want to be part of as they traverse the region. These tours often feature a number of outstanding wildlife attractions especially animals including the big cats.

East Africa has all number of fierce predators popularly known as big cats that wildlife enthusiasts are always eager to see. A safari in East Africa without big cats is usually incomplete but fortunately there are high chances of seeing them. Lets get to know more about wildlife tours and these big cats in the different safari destinations.

Cheetahs are among East Africa’s favorites and world’s fastest land mammals capable of running 80 Kilometers per hour. This speed advantage has given them an edge in the wild especially when they are chasing after their prey.

They are also very stealth with a keen eyesight that helps in spotting prey even in the tall savanna grasslands. They cheetahs coat is spotted and blends easily in the dry grasses making a perfect camouflage. Because of this, Cheetahs hunt during the day and most of the hunts and chases are successful within minutes.

While on wildlife tours in East Africa, you can see cheetahs in Masai Mara and Serengeti national park. Other places with cheetahs include Kidepo valley national park Uganda, Selous game reserve Tanzania, Ruaha national park and others.

Cheetah in Masai Mara Kenya. Wildlife Tours
Cheetah in Masai Mara Kenya. Photo by Yarin Klein

These are very powerful and stealth cats one should always look out for while on wildlife tours in East Africa. They are highly solitary and often times find comfort in trees especially after a hunt as they keep their prey away from other predators.

Just like many other big cats, leopards, are nocturnal animals and freely hunt in the night. They are great swimmers and can also hunt fish if necessary. Leopards rarely attack human beings especially when there are other animals they can prey on.

Leopards differ from other big cats by their spots called rosettes because they resemble a shape of a rose. In East Africa, leopards can be seen while on wildlife tours in major national parks. Queen Elizabeth National park Uganda, Masai Mara Game reserve Kenya, Serengeti national park Tanzania are among places where you can see leopards.

Leopard in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. Wildlife Tours
Leopard in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. Photo by Go Explore Safaris

Also known as African lions, these are the most feared of the big cats. They are strong and second largest of the big cats after tigers. Lions are widely spread in East Africa and are the commonly seen of all the big cats in the region.

Lions are social animals and the only cats that live in groups called Prides. These range from 2 to 20 or more lions comprising of males, females and cubs. Male lions defend their prides territory and often mark the area with urine roaring a noise that can be heard about 5 kilometers away.

Lioness are hunters and most times work together to hunt for their prides in the open savanna grasslands. Lions in East Africa have over the years adopted climbing trees a rare sighting that often attract many lion lovers. They can be seen in major national parks including Akagera National park Rwanda, Murchison falls National Park among others.

A lioness and a Cub in Lake Nakuru NP. Kenya wildlife safaris
Lioness and a cub in Lake Nakuru National Park. Courtesy Photo

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