Why You Should Visit Kenya Now 

Lioness and Cubs in Masai Mara. #VisitKenya, #Magical Kenya
Lions in Masai Mara Kenya. Photo by Olivier Ranrigo

Kenya is one of the countries in East Africa with diverse wildlife species and popularly known as Magical Kenya.  Its a Must Visit place for nature lovers and offers classic African safaris featuring a number of wildlife species. The country borders the Indian ocean and has a long coastline giving great chances for beach sports and activities.

Kenya opened its airport to international commercial flights 1st August 2020 after several months of lock down. This was due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic that has affected all economies worldwide. With the opening of Jomo Kenyatta international airport, you can visit Kenya for wildlife tours after several months of lock-down.

The variety of the game in Kenya ranges from Big Five animals, birds, reptiles evenly distributed over the beautiful landscapes. Most of these are seen while on game drives in the national parks.

Masai Mara is the most famous of all the national parks in Kenya with large populations of wild animals. Enjoy the wildebeest migration seeing millions of wildebeest move across the Serengeti and Mara Ecosystem looking for fresh pastures. This epic journey is enthusiastically awaited by the predators that hunt down the animals.

The Wildebeest migration is an adventure to look out for when you visit Kenya and East African in general. This can be enjoyed while on game drives in the park on organized wildlife tours.

Wildlife in Kenya can also be explored on Balloon Safaris also in Masai Mara National game reserve. This offers great aerial views of the animals below and the various landscapes the game reserve has.

Guided walking safaris or horseback riding allows you to get closer to wildlife enjoying sights and sounds of nature. Kenya has over twenty national parks all offering unique wildlife experiences. In case you are looking for a best post lock-down destination then Kenyan National Parks are places to be.

Water sport activities

Water Sports activities in Kenya are other alluring activities to this beautiful East African country. Kenya has a number of water bodies from lakes, rivers, the Indian Ocean offering opportunities for water sport activities.

Done activities include diving with sea animals like turtles, dolphins, sharks and to the coral reef gardens under the sea. Diving activities reduce in July and August as there are usually high sea tides and increased silting reducing visibility.

Most of these sea activities are done at Watamu Marine National park situated along the coast. The marine park has a number of diving sites making it an ideal place for even the learners. The reef at Watamu is near the shore and the coral gardens here can therefore be easily accessed.

Thrilling Adventures

Visit Kisite Mpunguti Marine game reserve where you can enjoy thrilling water sport activities with the marine wildlife species. The reserve is south of Mombasa with sea creatures like Manta Rays, the rare zebra sharks and other sea wildlife.

Thrilling adventures like snorkeling, Kite surfing,  sport fishing that can be done along the major water bodies in Kenya. White water rafting is a must for adventure tourists. Rafting is often done along River Tana that is just about 95 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. You can also do it along the Ewaso N’giro river where you even encounter the Savannas wildlife like  lions & elephants.

Beach Holidays

Kenya has beautiful white sand beaches ideal for beach holidays and beach sports like beach soccer and volleyball. The beaches offer havens where green sea turtles lay eggs and is ideal for those who want to sea them.

Explore the diverse Kenyan culture and heritage where you can have great cultural experiences while in Magical Kenya. Kenya has a diverse cultural background with a mixture of people including native Kenyans and the foreigners who settled there. They mainly include Asians, Indians, Europeans and other nationalities have continued to live in this beautiful country.

Authentic Kenyan culture can be experienced in the Villages where you get to meet some of the local and native people’s of Kenya.  Some have over the years preserved their culture for example the Masai and Turkana people. 

Cultural experiences are done after wildlife tours but you can still have a tailor made itinerary for culture and heritage. 

The economies are easing the lock-downs after the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic so visit Kenya for amazing wildlife safaris.  You can have game drives, water sporting activities and cultural encounters for the best of the East African travel memories. 

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