You can visit East Africa anytime of the year however for best wildlife viewing, visit in the dry season.  The major East African countries have almost the same periods for the dry and wet seasons. These seasons are major determinants of tourist traffic in the region as many visit in the dry season. With this, the dry season is often referred to as the peak season while the wet season is referred to as the low season.

On a Visit East Africa expedition its important to know when or the season you will be visiting. This will enable you easily plan and know what activities are best enjoyed in what particular season. 

Hiking; When to Visit East Africa

Dry Season

The dry season usually span from June to September and from December to March. In Kenya and Tanzania, this is the time wildebeest migration is at its peak with Mara rivers crossings. Wildebeest River crossings are spectacular and adventure tourists are usually eager to watch how wildebeest escape the deadly Nile crocodiles. During this time the grass is usually short making it to spot the major wildlife species in the parks.

Primate tracking say mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys and colobus monkeys, is also easy in the dry season. Primate tracking is commonly done in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC and with minimal rainfall, hiking is easy. This is because the tracking trails are dry and not slippery as its usually the case in the wet season. When you visit East Africa for mountain climbing its also better to do that in the dry season. Hiking and mountain climbing is easy with minimal or no rainfall disturbances.

Beach holidays are best enjoyed in the dry season as many beach sport activities like beach volleyball are easily done.

During the dry season tourist numbers are very high with a lot of traffic. If you plan to visit East Africa during this period ensure to book in advance as parks and accommodation get fully booked.

Wet Season

The wet season runs from April to May and from October to November. During these months rainfall is high and very unpredictable as it occurs anytime of the day. One can however still have a successful wildlife safari in East Africa either having game drives or going for tracking. One should not be afraid to visit East Africa for any of wildlife activities in the region as safaris here are doable anytime of the year. The rainfall does not prevent any safari activities from being completed.

Traffic during this time is also low which gives one exclusivity and classic wildlife experiences. For those who prefer few people this is the best time for your favorite East African safari. Birding safaris are perfect during these months as we get a number of migratory birds fro  Europe.

Roads within the wildlife destinations like national parks are maintained regularly thus facilitating easy transportation anytime of the year.

Adventurous activities like mountain climbing require no hiking experiences though one needs to be physically fit. These are best started in the morning before sunrise and can be enjoyed throughout the year.