Visit Virunga National Park As It Reopens This April

The park was closed due to COVID but many can’t wait to Visit Virunga National Park as it reopens this April. Virunga will gradually open up starting with Kibumba and Mount Nyiragongo as the rest of the world reopens as well.

When planning to Visit Virunga National Park, note that they will be offering only two safari packages. These include the Mount Nyiragongo Hike having ab overnight at the mountain summit. The other package will be Mikeno mist package that involves mountain gorilla tracking staying at Kibumba tented camp and Mount Nyiragongo Hike.

To safeguard the mountain gorillas against COVID19, tourists will be expected to present PCR negative results. These will go hand in hand with SOPs like temperature checks, sanitizing and wearing masks.

These strict procedures are in order because mountain gorillas have over 95% DNA similar to humans and can contract the disease if not protected.

Visit Virunga National Park. DRC Tour
Sun set over Virunga National Park. Courtesy Photo

Summarized Requirements to visit Virunga National Park

  • Tourists will provide PCR COVID19 results tested 72 hours prior arrival or present a COVID vaccination certificate
  • Upon arrival at Grande Barriere, tourists will undergo a mandatory rapid COVID-19 test prior to departure for Kibumba or Mikeno Lodge.
  • Sops will be observed at the park including temperature testing, wearing masks and social distancing.
  • They will be requested to inform the park management in-case they don’t feel well
  • Visitors are asked to bring their own face masks and hand sanitizer for safety purposes.
  • Rangers and trackers accompanying tourists on gorilla treks will have a rapid COVID-19 test every two weeks. Alternatively they will be vaccinated soon.

COVID 19 testing for Departure

All visitors will be required to take a departure test ahead of their departure. This PCR testing is available in Goma Hopital at USD 50 per person. These results can be got back in 48 hours so it will be wiser to take the departure a few days to departure.

In case you have more time you can also visit Kahuzi Biega National Park for lowland gorilla trek. These are endemic to the park and the Democratic Republic of Congo.