Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations to Visit this May

There are various Uganda wildlife safari destinations in this beautiful East African country. Uganda has over the years become among travelers top safari destinations due to its beauty and outstanding wildlife. The country lies along the tropics with favorable weather conditions permitting tourism throughout the year.

With the corona Virus travel restrictions, tourism slowly resumed and now there are no crowds in leading Uganda wildlife safari destination. This is therefore the best time to take that most anticipated tour to Uganda’s finest destinations.

Lets us explore the top Uganda wildlife safari destinations you must not miss visiting this May.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

This world heritage site is located in southwestern Uganda and its among the most diverse wildlife destinations not to miss. The forest has a number of primate species, birds, reptiles and various plant species.

The most outstanding wildlife attractions in Bwindi are mountain gorillas and the forest has half of the entire remaining population. Mountain gorilla trekking is the most demanded wildlife activity in Uganda today as many seek to meet these rare primates in the wild. Now that few people are traveling, this may would be the best time to Visit Uganda for gorilla tracking.

Mountain gorilla trekking permits are currently on a discount from USD700 to USD400 for foreign travelers. This discount is on going till June 30th therefore don’t miss an opportunity to be part of unforgettable primate safaris.

Mountain Gorilla Arm. Uganda Wildlife Safari
Mountain Gorilla arm Bwindi Uganda. Courtesy Photo
Pian Upe Reserve

Located in eastern Uganda, Pian upe is the most underrated and less explored Uganda wildlife safari destination. The reserve is the largest in the country and it will soon be upgraded to a national park status. Once upgrade Pian upe will be Uganda’s largest national park and among the country’s most diverse wildlife destinations.

With endless plains of open savannas’, Pian Upe is home to a number of wildlife species including the rare roan antelope. Notable wildlife seen here include cheetahs, giraffes, buffaloes, a number of birds among others.

The scenic views of mount Morungule are breathtaking and quite a sight to see. When in Uganda or planning your safari this May ensure to add Pian upe on your bucket list. En route to Pian Upe is a perfect tourist stop at the sipi falls on Wanale ridge in Kapchorwa. Don’t miss any of these wonderful destinations while in Uganda.

Uganda wildlife safari destinations
Pian Upe Game Reserve Uganda. Courtesy Photo
Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is Uganda’s most isolated park located in the northeastern park of the Uganda. The park is very peaceful and a must visit Uganda wildlife safari destination.

The park has the highest African buffalo population that is estimated at the number of wildebeest in Serengeti. Lions, giraffes, antelopes, cheetahs, jackals, elephants, zebras, waterbucks and various birds species are often seen in the park. Early morning and sunrise game drives are highly recommended while here as you get to catch up with the early risers.

You can also take guided nature walks in the park enjoying the wildlife species and endless open savanna plains. The park is neighbored by the Karamojong community one of Uganda’s authentic local people’s community. A cultural visit here enables you get to know more about the local people’s culture.

Kidepo Valley NP. Uganda Wildlife safari
Kidepo Valley National Park. Courtesy Photo
Kibale National Park

Kibale national park is located in western Uganda and is home to over 13 primate species and over 350 bird species. The forested park is home to the highest chimpanzee population and the best place to see these mans’ closest primates.

Its one of the most outstanding Uganda wildlife safari destinations and a must visit while in the Pearl of Africa. Chimpanzee tracking and birding are the commonly done activities here as you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

While here you can do a chimpanzee habituation experience that gives you a behind the scenes experience of how chimpanzees live in the forest. This experiential experience goes you four hours in the presence of chimpanzees a very good time to explore all you need to know.

Night nature walks are also done here where you get to see nocturnal wildlife including the night jars. The night nature walk is a very exclusive and thrilling activity in the park. When planning a Uganda wildlife safari this May ensure to add Kibale National Park on your list for ultimate primate experiences.

Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park. Uganda Wildlife Safari
Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park. Photo by Lionel Egger