Uganda Wildlife Authority Discounts National Park Fees

Mountain Gorilla Bwindi Uganda. Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Uganda. Courtesy Photo

Great news coming in from Uganda Wildlife Authority indicate a tremendous discount in Mountain gorilla and chimpanzee tracking permits. This discount is set to start on 1st December 2020 till End of March 2021.

Since the Corona Virus lock-down was instated in March, tourism in Uganda was negatively affected just like other East African countries. After several months of lock-down, primates national parks in Uganda were opened for tourism. The numbers have however failed to increase and Uganda Wildlife Authority has thereby discounted mountain gorilla and chimpanzee permits to boost tourism.

The discounts that have been offered are as per the details below

A 50% discount has been offered on Park Entrance fees for some savanna national parks. These include Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls National Parks, Semliki Valley reserve, Katonga, Kabwoya and Pian Upe wildlife reserves.

Those who will be on birding safaris also get a 50% discount on birding fees in reserves managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority

For Primates including mountain gorilla and chimpanzee permits, the discounts offered for the different tourist categories as per the details below.

  1. Gorilla Permits for East African Community Citizens have been reduced from 250,000 to 150,000 Uganda shillings.
  2. Mountain gorilla permit fees for Foreign residents reduced from USD 600 to USD 300
  3. Permit fees for Foreign non residents reduced from USD 700 to USD 400
  4. Chimpanzee Tracking fees in Kibale National Park for East African community citizens reduced from 150,000 to 100,000 Uganda shillings.
  5. Permit fees for foreign residents interested in tracking chimpanzees have been reduced from USD 150 to USD 100.
  6. For Foreign non residents, their chimpanzee permit fees have been reduced from USD 200 to USD 150.
About Uganda National Parks

Uganda has a total of 10 national parks and about 12 game reserves all with diverse wildlife species. The major savannah national parks have been open which has seen the number of domestic tourists visiting increase.

Most outstanding of these national parks include Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kidepo valley national parks for savanna wildlife. On a visit to any of these you can engage in wildlife activities like game drives, boat cruises, nature walks and others.

Primate national parks that are Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla parks plus Kibale national parks are in their own league. These have some of world’s rare and endangered primates and are most visited while on Uganda Safaris.

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