Tips To Make Safari Tours During the 2020 Holiday Season a Little Easier

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania East Africa. Safari tours
Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti National Park. Photo by Fred Shirima

The year 2020 is ending and tourists are visiting East Africa for safari tours to celebrate the holiday season. Travel this time has been greatly affected by the corona virus disease but nevertheless people are visiting safari destinations.

East African governments have put up measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 as the number of tourists increase steadily. Travel for safari tours is not easy this season because of COVID19 regulations. Below are some tips you can follow to ease travel and enjoy your holiday season.

1. COVID19 Testing and Results

This has become a travel requirement from travelers and those interested in safari tours in East Africa. International travelers are required to present COVID19 negative results tested not later than 72 hours prior arrival.

In Rwanda, on arrival tourists are further subjected to another COVID19 test and are supposed to wait 24 hours in Mandatory quarantine. All this is done to ensure safety of travelers.

When planning travel this season, have your COVID19 test results ready and expect more tests if visiting countries like Rwanda. For departures, they will also require you to take a test to ensure you left East Africa COVID19 free.

2. Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask has become a new normal as countries push to reduce the spread of COVID19. A mask must be on top of your packing list when planning safari tours to East Africa. Its a major standard operating procedure requirement even on arrival at the airport so ensure to have one.

When going for primate tracking for example mountain gorillas and chimpanzee tracking, you will be required to put on a mask. Its advisable to have more than one mask or buy disposable masks that you can dispose off properly after use.

3. Check in ahead of time

With the current standard operating procedures, its better to check in ahead of time. With check ins a mean flight or hotel check ins. This will help you avoid long queues especially at the airport as you wait to be cleared.

Checking on hotels or lodges by calling them prior your arrival is also very important now. With this it helps them plan accordingly and find ways of enforcing social distancing for all clients arriving.

Crossing checking hotel bookings will help you get an alternative incase your booking was missed or not booked as planned. There are curfew regulations and the last thing you need is to fall prey as you sort out hotel bookings. December is a busy season and therefore if going for safari tours have all hotels booked and confirmed in advance.

4. Pack what is Necessary

Packing for safari tours is an important aspect and for one to enjoy their tour they need to pack right. Have all your travel documents ready for example passports or personal identification.

As mentioned above, masks and other necessities like hand sanitizers have become a new normal so ensure to pack them. Equipment like cameras, extra camera battery, chargers, power banks should not be missed.

Ensure to pack the right attire for safari tours and enough to take you through the entire safari. Avoid over or under packing as it can easily ruin your trip or safari holiday.

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