Tips for an affordable East African Tour

For many, an East African tour is usually among their bucket list as it offers unique and lifetime safari encounters. Many travelers wish to be part of these tours to meet some of world’s rare wildlife species and encounters.

Many of East African tour destinations are however located in remote areas making transportation there a bit expensive. There is usually need for proper accommodation facilities while in these wild places thus making tour packages a bit expensive. Not all travelers have a lot of money to spend and we will therefore explore tips for an affordable East African tour.

1. Choosing Wildlife Activities to Engage in.

The main reason for an East African Tour is to explore leading and outstanding safari destinations. This is often done by engaging in activities like game drives, hiking, primate tracking, boat cruises among others.

Each of these activities are charged differently so there is need to select what you are most interested. The most expensive so far is gorilla tracking with Rwanda charging USD 1500 per person for a gorilla permit. Its very important to know which activities you will be doing and know how much you will spend on each.

This helps a big deal in planning and can help you choose an affordable east African tour package. You can get information of tariffs charged for each activities from local tour operators or government organizations that manage these destinations.

Mountain gorilla Virunga National Park. East African Tour
Mountain gorilla Virunga National Park. Courtesy Photo
2. Choosing Lodging or accommodation option.

Accommodation is one variable that makes tours a bit expensive. Its an important part of a tour as with this you can determine and plan your itinerary. There are various accommodation options in East African tour destinations from budget to high end luxury facilities.

Depending on your budget, its important to choose what accommodation budget option you prefer. With this you are able to choose the best East African tour and the most affordable budget.

These accommodation options are located within safari destinations especially national parks and helps a big deal in accessing the park. Ensure to choose the right lodging option to avoid over spending while on your East African Tour

Elephant Plains Lodge. East African Tour
Elephant Plains Lodge. Photo by Uganda Lodges
3. Choosing when to go

The East African region has two major seasons that have an impact of East African tour package pricing. The busiest is the peak season from June to September and from December to March. The low season is from April to May and from October to November and here there are usually discounts.

The low season usually has rainfall but tourist activities are doable and its also the best time for birding. Many lodges discount their rates and if you are looking for affordable East African tour packages this is the best time.

Apart from discounts, the other best option for traveling in the low season is that you enjoy exclusivity. There are few people traveling and therefore major destinations are not as crowded as it is in the peak season.

Lilac Breasted Roller in Ngorongoro Tanzania. East African Tour
Lilac Breasted Roller in Ngorongoro Crater. Photo by Murali Nature Photography
4. Choosing A Local Tour Operator

Local operators help a big deal in planning for tours and these charge differently for the packages they offer. There are local operators that specialize in high-end safari packages where as there are those that organize budget and mid range packages.

You can always check or inquire on the different East African tour packages and choose the most affordable option. Local tour operators have many tailor made tour packages whose prices differ depending on what is included or excluded.

Local tour operators have a lot of information on the different transportation and accommodation options. With this, they can advise on the most affordable options thus enabling you to save some money.

Moroto Uganda
5. Having Travel Companions

This is a very important aspect as solo tours tend to be a bit more expensive. This is is because with solo travel you bear the all the costs alone especially transportation. Having travel companions like traveling in a group helps bring the tour costs down with shared transport and accommodation fees.

Having travel companions also gives you company on your tour enjoying with friends and family. In case you choose to travel solo it’s also okay but to keep the costs down by choosing budget or mid range packages.

There are budget and mid range packages that are affordable and equally great. You can always check for lodge options online to be sure where you will be staying.

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