Tanzania is a beautiful country in East Africa  with a long coastline bordering the the Indian Ocean to the East. It also borders Uganda & Kenya to the north, Rwanda, Burundi & DRC to the west, Mozambique & Malawi to the south plus Malawi to the southwest.

Tanzania  has a land area of 945,087 square kilometers making it the largest country in East Africa. About 38% of the land area in Tanzania is gazetted for conservation. Its on this background that the country boosts as a tourism giant in the East African region.

The highest point is at mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters above sea level and its lowest point is at 0 meters at the Indian Ocean.

Lion Cub in Serengeti National Park Tanzania. African Safari Holiday Destinations
Lion Cub in Serengeti National Park. Photo by George Benjamin

Main Attractions

The country is among East Africa’s leading holiday destinations with many natural attractions. These range from wildlife species, beautiful landscapes and the unique culture of the people.  There are many less visited wildlife destinations in Tanzania with a lot of undiscovered wildlife species.

Serengeti national park is the most famous of all destinations in Tanzania with wildlife wonders like the wildebeest migration. In Serengeti, there are large wildlife populations of lions, elephants, hippos, antelopes often seen on game drives and balloon safaris.

Adjacent to the Serengeti Plains is the Ngorongoro crater another unique wonder and a home to various wildlife species. While here look out for rhinos, zebras, elephants, a number of birds most of which explored on game drives as well.

Those seeking intimate experiences can visit Selous game reserve in the southern part a home to large populations of wildlife. Selous game reserves is not crowded and with its vast size, there are great chances for wildlife viewing.

The Indian Ocean itself is an attraction with white sand beaches where people relax while on beach holidays. There are various islands in the Ocean like Zanzibar that are leading honeymoon destinations worldwide.

Tanzania is Africa’s major archeological site where a number of Primate (Hominid) fossils aging over 6 million years were discovered. Most of these remains were discovered near Lake Olduvai. One of the oldest ethnic groups still existing in Africa the Hadzabe still live in Tanzania around Lake Eyasi.

Don’t miss out on the worldwide wonders including the wildebeest migration, Africa’s big five mammals, primates and so much more.

When to Visit

Tanzania can be visited anytime of the year but if you are interested in a wildlife safari then the dry season is the best time. In the dry season there is usually minimal rainfall disturbances and game drives or many open savanna activities are easily done. The dry season starts from June to September and from December to March.