Uganda Issues New COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Moutain Gorilla. Uganda Primates - COVID-19 Travel Guidelines
Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda. Courtesy Photo

Uganda recently issued new COVID-19 travel guidelines as tourism steadily increase with the country receiving more tourists. Its coming to two years when the world was hit by the deadly Corona virus pandemic. This led to economies closing up making tourism one of the worst hit sectors as travel came to a standstill.

As the world has slowly coped up with living with the Virus, countries often come up with COVID-19 travel guidelines. These help in reducing the number of public transmissions of the Virus especially for the frontline workers. Its also protects the country’s citizens from travelers coming from highly infected areas.

Given that Uganda’s tourism industry features trips to primate national parks with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, these COVID-19 travel guidelines help a big deal. The mentioned primates have over 95% DNA making them very susceptible to acquiring human diseases. With the continuously updated guidelines though all these amazing wildlife species are protected.

Before, travelers from various countries were required to present negative PCR test results tested not later than 72 hours prior arrival to Uganda. Fully vaccinated and asymptomatic individuals with negative PCR results were allowed without being tested upon arrival.

New COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

India has been removed from Category 1 countries that are red listed. It has been moved to category 2 and travelers from India can now come to Uganda. They will have to present COVID-19 negative PCR results tested 72 hours travel to Uganda. Category 2 countries include India, United States of America, United Kingdom, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.

All other travelers will also be required to present negative PCR test results tested 72 hours prior arrival to Uganda. These will also undergo mandatory PCR testing irrespective of the vaccination status if they show COVID-19 symptoms.

Those who will take the test on arrival will have to wait at designated hotels for their results. If they test negative its when they will proceed with the tour. Incase one tests positive he/she will be treated as according to the Ministry of Health Protocol for COVID-19.

Anyone without a negative COVID-19 PCR test undertaken 72 hours from time of sample collection will not be allowed to enter Uganda.

Travelers departing Uganda will be required to take a departure test to ensure they have left the country COVID free. This has been ongoing and testing upcountry especially for tourists is arranged as per one’s itinerary.

Uganda Tourism

The tourism industry in Uganda has been open since July 2020 when savanna national parks were opened for domestic travel. The primate parks also eventually opened up in October and these have since been operating under strict Standard Operating Procedures. Since then tourism in Uganda has been slowly gaining momentum as the number of Visitors keep on increasing.

Major Primates national parks in Uganda are Kibale, Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla parks. In Kibale national park are over 13 primates species and its the best chimpanzee tracking destination.

For ultimate mountain gorilla tracking experiences then Bwindi Impenetrable National park is the best option. The park has half of the remaining mountain gorilla population on the entire planet. If you are seeking exclusive and intimate gorilla tracking safari experiences then Mgahinga gorilla park would be a great option.

Book your safari now to any of your preferred destination in Uganda. Travel now is more enjoyable as there are not many tourists as before making Uganda safaris more intimate and enjoyable. Kigali International Airport also open up for commercial flights. Tourism is slowly getting back to normal