Safari Trips Travelers to Tanzania Must Take In 2022

Tanzania is East Africa’s ultimate wildlife destination one of the best for African Safari trips. The country is blessed with diverse landscapes and wildlife species making it among the most desired destination for safari trips. For adventure lovers and anyone seeking first hand african safari experiences Tanzania would be a great place to start.

Safari trips to Tanzania are facilitated by great hospitality of the local people a combination of which forms memorable safari experiences. For first time travelers or for repeat travelers, you can never get enough of Tanzania. Lets however look at some of the top safari trips one Must not miss on a visit to Tanzania.

Lioness in Serengeti. Tanzania Safari trips
Lioness in Serengeti National Park Tanzania. Photo by Yarin Klein

The wildebeest migration is a natural wildlife phenomena that happens in the Serengeti ecosystem annually. It involves movement of millions of wildebeest, Thompson gazelles, zebras and other antelope species looking for fresh pasture and grazing land.

This natural wonder takes place between Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems and goes through predator territories that hunt down the animals on the migration for food. Some of Serengeti’s deadliest predators include lions, leopards, cheetahs and the crocodiles along River Grumeti. Witnessing the wildebeest migration is one of the world’s wildlife wonders and amazing experiences.

You can catch up with the migration throughout the year but the best months to witness it in Serengeti is from June to October. January to February is a season of calving and a wildebeest migration safari then offers an opportunity for watching newly borns. While in Tanzania ensure to add this on top of your bucket list.

Serengeti national park outshines majority of the wildlife destinations all thanks to the diverse wildlife the park has. Africa’s big five have always been many travelers desires to see while on African safari trips and Serengeti never disappoints. The top big five include Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffaloes.

These big five graze the open savanna grasslands of Serengeti National park and can be seen while on game drives in the park. Big Five safari trips are complemented by other savanna wildlife species making game drives the most enjoyable activities in Serengeti.

The best time for big five safaris is also from June to October and from December to February. You can also enjoy these safaris from March to May but its a rainy season with high chances of rainfall. Its however a great time for birding as migratory birds from as far as Europe visit East Africa.

Ruaha national park is Tanzania’s largest protected area and one of the less crowded savanna wildlife destinations in East Africa. With its huge size, the park is home to a variety of wildlife species including large prides of lions.

Safari trips to Ruaha national parks offers classic African safari experiences especially in Game drives. While here expect to see lions, leopards, Savanna elephants, giraffes, hippos, zebras, among others. Some of the most rare antelope species like the roan antelope, lesser Kudu and sable antelope are also present here.

Rauha also one of the best places to see the rare and endangered wild dogs and are usually the highlights of safaris here. The park can be visited anytime of the year but best experiences are enjoyed in the dry season from June to October. Ensure to book your accommodation in advance as there are limited exclusive accommodation options available.

The Ngorongoro crater is world’s largest intact and unfilled Volcanic caldera located in northern Tanzania. Its among East Africa’s world heritage sites and side from it being an attraction, its home to a variety of wildlife species.

Major african savanna wildlife species like elephants, hippos, hyenas, lions, zebras, wildebeest and a number of birds can be seen while on safari trips in Ngorongoro. The crater is a very outstanding attraction as well as the rare black rhinos.

You can explore the crater while on game drives on the floor and by taking guided nature walks. Safaris here are enjoyed throughout the year especially in the dry season for better wildlife viewing options. Its also very magnificent in the wet season when fresh and green pastures cover the crater floor. While planning safari trips exploring the northern tourism circuit in Tanzania ensure to add a visit to the crater. Apart from Tanzania, you can Visit other East African destinations and cities like Uganda and Rwanda. In Kampala Uganda’s capital city you can enjoy a Kampala City tour to major attractions with in.