Exclusive Safari Hideaways for an escape in East Africa

Travel is very enjoyable with exclusive safari Hideaways where one would get one on one moments without any disturbances. Destination East Africa has many of these less crowded and very exclusive safari hideaways where one can have enjoyable moments.

In this years travel calendar, there is an anticipation of high tourist numbers as many are in need of a vacation. Lets explore some of East Africa’s best and exclusive safari hideaways you can include on your bucket list.

Semuliki National Park

This evergreen national park is among Uganda’s best safari hideaways located in the western part of the country. The park is very exclusive and less crowded but most magnificent of all.

Semuliki national park has a number of wildlife attractions and most outstanding are species endemic to the central African forests. Many of these are birds where in the whole of East African they can only be found here. The park is also home to a number of primates including chimpanzees, ververt monkeys, colobus monkeys red-tailed monkeys and others.

The Sempaya hot springs are very outstanding attractions in Semuliki national park. The are two main hot springs that flush out boiling water every moment. There are also a number of geysers where many tourists boil eggs under 5 minutes and enjoy them with the great scenic views of the national park.

Sempaya Hot-springs Semuliki National Park
Sempaya Hot-springs Semuliki National Park. Photo By Jonathan Benaiah

Kahuzi Biega National Park

This primate park is located in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and its the only home for lowland gorillas. The park is among the less visited primate parks in East and Central Africa making it among the perfect safari hideaways.

Lowland gorillas are main attractions here though there are many other safari attractions. Notable ones include a number of birds most of which endemic to the Congo forests and Albertine rift valley.

The Park has two main dormant volcanic mountains of namely mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega that are forested. They can also be hiked in-case you are interested in Mountain climbing. Near this park is the Lwiro sanctuary a home to a many primates and birds. The place was started to look after Orphaned chimpanzees but it later became a home for many primates.

Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Beiga NP. DRC Safari Hideaways
Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Beiga NP. Photo by Shannon

Ruaha National Park

This safari park is located in southern Tanzania and its the largest national park in East Africa. With the vast size comes with more wildlife numbers of diversity making it one of the best safari hideaways for savanna’s finest wildlife.

Ruaha national parks is the best place to see big cats especially lions as there are many prides of lions. Land’s largest mammals the elephants are also very common here, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes and many others.

In East Africa’s savannas Ruaha is the one of the best safari hideaways especially for honeymooners. Its also a great destination for those who prefer less crowded safari destinations. The park can be visited any time of the year each period offering the best of East Africa’s savanna experiences.

Zebras in Ruaha National Park Tanzania
Zebras in Ruaha National Park Tanzania. Photo by Ngoteya Wild

Nyungwe national Park

Nyungwe is a forested national park located in the southwestern part of Rwanda. The park is majorly a primates park though with other mammals species including forests elephants though rarely seen.

The park is home to over 13 primate species including chimpanzees, l’hoest monkeys, colobus monkeys and many others. Many of these are seen while on general primate tracking done in the park. Chimpanzee tracking is the commonly done activity here as the park is one of the best chimpanzee tracking destinations in East Africa.

There are a couple of trails where you can take guided nature walks other leading to the waterfalls. Near the park is a beautiful ever green tea plantation where you can go for guided walks. Nyungwe national park is perfectly located in the Rwandan countryside which is a perfect place for safari hideaways from city noise.

Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest. Safari Hideaways
Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest Photo by Jonathan Gregson

Turkana Land

This beautiful semi arid area is located in Northwestern Kenya and its a home to the Turkana people. These native Kenyans live around the shores of lake Turkana one of East Africa’s great rift valley lakes.

The area is the best place in East Africa to explore semi arid wildlife as it has various wildlife species. The shores of the lake is one of the major breeding sites for crocodiles and reptiles especially snakes.

Turkana’s wild dry lands are a mystery to explore deeply and the areas remoteness and isolation makes it among the perfect safari hideaways in East Africa. While on a visit to Kenya and are seeking exclusive places consider the Turkana area. The Turkana people are ones you should look out for while on the visit to the region.

Turkana People Kenya. Safari Hideaways
Turkana People in Northern Kenya. Photo by Olivier Ranrigo

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