Safari Getaways to Explore While in East Africa

Safari Getaways are very suitable for people with less time for classic safaris that require over a week. East Africa is renown for its diverse wildlife and many would like to explore the different destinations but are often limited by time. Today, we are discussing Safari Getaways to some of the most iconic destinations that one must be part of while in East Africa.

Rwanda is among the 3 countries where you can track mountain gorillas in their natural habitants. They live in Volcanoes national park located about a 3 hours drive from Kigali Rwanda’s capital city. Mountain gorillas are relatable because they have over 95% DNA similar to humans. They live in families that are led by a dominant male gorilla popularly known as Silverback.

The total mountain gorilla population is currently estimated at 1000 individuals and Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park has over 200 of them. This makes the park one of the best gorilla trekking destinations in East Africa. The fact that the park is located just about 3 hours drive from Kigali makes 1 day tour excursions possible.

The 1 day Rwanda gorilla trekking tours start with a pick up from Kigali at 4:30 am. You are expected to be at the park by 7:00 am for briefing and with the 4:30 am pick up you do make it in time. From here you are briefed and then guided in the forest where you hike for 2 to 4 hours depending on the movement of the gorillas. Once you get to them, stay in their presence for an hour getting to more about them and observing them physically. This encounter lasts an hour after which you are led back to the park headquarters. Here you are awarded your certificates of participation and then be driven back to Kigali. You can alternatively transfer to other destinations of your choice.

While in Rwanda and you would like to track gorillas but are limited by time, a 1-day gorilla tour can definitely serve you better. Incase you have more days to spare you can opt for a 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour spending a night near the park.

The Mabamba Bay is located on the outskirts of Lake Victoria and is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda. Birding does require a lot of time if you are to fully explore the birds but the story is different with Mabamba. The bay can be accessed by boat transfer from Entebbe or by road Via Kasanje district. The boat transfer is more convenient and touristic taking about 45 minutes along the 3rd biggest freshwater body on the planet.

Mabamba is home to over 260 bird species but the shoebill stork stands out. It is Uganda’s most sought after bird specie and Mabamba is the best place to see them. Other notable birds at Mabamba include grey-crowned cranes, little Egrets, swamp flycatchers, Hadada ibis among others. The most exciting thing about Mabamba is that you explore the different marshes and channels on local canoes through the different well-developed waterways. That alone Is an experience on its own and offers great views of the evergreen swamp vegetation and the lake.

This excursion can last for 2 to 3 hours or more depending on your interest and schedule however even if you spend an hour there you get to see at least more than 20 bird species. Ensure to join this adventurous birding excursion while in Uganda.

Nairobi Big Five Safari Getaways

When someone talks about Kenya, big five mammals, big cats and overall savanna wildlife comes to mind. Kenya is known for all these and some of the world’s most famous destinations like Masai Mara and Amboseli national park are all in Kenya. These are however located several kilometres from Nairobi and unless for people flying, visiting these destinations for a safari can be hard.

The good news however is Kenya has safari national in the city. Nairobi national park is located in Nairobi on the outskirts of the city and can be easily and conveniently accessed in just 40 minutes. The park has a number of wildlife species including Black Rhinos, leopards, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, a number of primates including baboons and over 400 bird species. Most these are seen while on game drives in the different trails in the park.

Safari excursions in Nairobi national park are as good as any other national parks in Kenya. You can also do picnics there, camping, corporate social events as you enjoy the scenery and wildlife in the park. Ensure to be part of these adventures while in Nairobi for an insight of African wildlife.

Zanzibar Beach Tours

Zanzibar is a great safari getaway giving you an opportunity to enjoy short beach holidays. The islands have East Africa’s best beaches with white sand and offer great views of the Indian Ocean. There is also a rich history of both the local and colonial times that can be explored within a day.

The weather on the islands is very friendly and all excursions here can be done throughout the year. While in Zanzibar city for work simply step out for a couple hours and enjoy one of East Africa’s best safari getaways. Many people after a savanna wildlife and primates safari like to add Zanzibar where they get to enjoy the beach life. There are also marine activities you can enjoy here including snorkelling, Diving exploring the coral reefs and other main Marine wildlife.

The East African Safari Calendar has just started and there is still plenty of time to book your favourite East African Safari. Important to note though is that the peak season sets in from June throughout October. During this time the tourist numbers are usually high that is why it is important to book your tour even a short safari getaway in advance to avoid missing out. Incase you plan to Visit in March, April, May & November, they are wet months where rainfall is very likely. Much as rainfall cannot disrupt your safari activities, it is important to pack the appropriate wear and have a rain gear.