Rwanda Discounts Mountain Gorilla Tracking Permits For African Citizens

Kwita Izina. Discounted Mountain Gorilla Permits
Infant Gorilla in Volcanoes NP Rwanda. Photo by Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Discount on mountain gorilla tracking permits has been made by the Rwandan government to support the Rwandan Tourism industry. Mountain gorilla tourism in Rwanda has been increasing though many were left out because of high Mountain gorilla permits fees.

Gorilla permits fees were at USD 1500 per person for all those interested in tracking gorillas. When Rwanda opened up for tourism in August, mountain gorilla permits were discounted for East African citizens and Rwanda Foreign residents. East African citizens of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania were to pay USD 200 and Rwandan Foreign Residents USD 500.

With the above offer, local tourists numbers tracking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park increased. To further support tourism attracting tourists from African countries, the government has discounted mountain gorilla permits for all African citizens. The gorilla permits for all African Citizens has been discounted from USD 1500 to USD 500 per person.

For African nations citizens to qualify for that discount they MUST have official identification documents like passports or national ID’s. This discount offer is valid until May 2021.

Mountain gorilla tracking permits for International Tourists (non African citizens) will also be discounted to USD 500 on specific conditions. The first condition for the discount is tourists MUST be traveling in a group of 100 individuals of more.

They must be spending a minimum of 7 days in Rwanda at-least staying 3 nights in any of Rwanda national parks or adjacent hotels. The travel dates should not be changed except for medical reasons related to COVID19 including COVID19 travel restrictions by some countries.

The above offer is also valid until May 2021. The ongoing discount rates for East African citizens and Rwandan foreign residents at USD 200 and USD 500 respectively has also been pushed till May 2021.

This incentive is a good one and with time will encourage African citizens to Visit Rwanda for gorilla tracking. Many economies are slowly opening up for tourism and by January we hope that domestic travel will have gained momentum.

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