East Africa’s primates world features species like chimpanzees and mountain gorillas that are man’s closest primates species. Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees have over 95% DNA similar to humans. Others primates species include various Monkey species like Colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, red tailed monkeys and l’hoest monkeys.

With these and many other primates species, the East African region is the world’s leading primate tracking destination. Primates can be seen in their natural habitats especially forests most of which were gazetted into national parks.

Primates National Parks

Uganda’s Kibale Forest national park has the highest chimpanzee population in the world therefore the best place for chimp tracking. Other primates here include monkey species like Black and white Colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and red tailed monkeys. There are also baboons and its based on that its referred to as the primate capital of the world.

Nyungwe forest national park in southwestern Rwanda is another great East African destination for chimpanzee tracking. The national park has of the oldest forests in East Africa a home to many others including monkey species.

The endangered apes; mountain gorillas can be found in forested mountains in Bwindi, Volcanoes, Virunga, and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks.  A trek to the forested mountains to meet these rare primates is unforgettable as you reconnect with mans’ wild relatives. On the entire planet, Mountain gorillas are found in this region making them one of East Africa’s wildlife wonders.

East Africa has another gorilla specie; Eastern lowland gorillas in the forested mountains of Kahuzi Beiga National park in Eastern Congo. This park can be accessed through Rwanda and lowland gorilla experiences are very enjoyable offering great primates encounters.

While in Tanzania, in Selous game reserve where you can see Tanzanian Sykes monkeys, Yellow baboons, Vervet monkeys among others. For unique wildlife experiences therefore, destination East Africa is the best place to be.

Mountain Gorilla Arm; East Africa's Primates
A mountain gorilla hand. Photo by Eric Manzi
Golden Monkeys; Primates of East Africa. 5 Days Akagera
Golden Monkeys in VNP Rwanda. Photo by Craig Trexler