A Packing List is important as it guides you on essentials to bring or wear a visit to East Africa. Some of the major items you need to pack include the following.

Packing List
Packing List Items. Courtesy Photo

Important Documents

These mainly include important travel documents like passports, air tickets, accommodation confirmation vouchers if any.  Ensure to also have your credit cards to enable you have financial transactions. 

Medical and insurance cards are also very vital as they can help in emergency in-case you have to be evacuated.

Trip Equipment

These include Cameras as these capture every moment while on the trip, camera lenses if you use any. Remember to carry extra camera batteries as these can help in-case one runs out.

Ensure to have your own phone charges as some places may not have the exact charger for your phone. For bird watching, you can come with binoculars as some places don’t have them yet they are helpful.

Clothing Essentials

Safaris in East Africa often involve tracking primates especially mountain gorillas and chimpanzees that live in forested mountains. Its very important to have the right clothing for such adventures.

Your packing list must have items like long sleeved pants and shirts, comfortable shoes, sandals and swim wear. You can add short pants for wearing while relaxing at the lodge, sweater or jumper as some places are cold. The coldness is usually felt in the night and early morning therefore hand gloves can also be of great help.

Since rainfall in national parks near tropical rain-forests and mountainous areas is very unpredictable, waterproof pants or ponchos are important.  Note that its highly recommended to bring or wear neutral colors especially when in the presence of wildlife. These colors include brown, tan, khaki and light green.

Other Packing List Essentials

Other essentials include sunglasses, hats or caps, sun protection cream or lotion, lip balm, small hand sanitizers and flash light.  In-case you use specific personal items, pack a small toiletry bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, insect repellents and tablets if on medication.