Mountain Gorillas Baby Boom in Uganda’s Forested National Parks

Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Uganda
An Infant gorilla with its Mother in Bwindi, Uganda. Photo by Bishop Skyler

Updates from Uganda’s mountain gorillas national parks indicate an increase in births with six mountain gorilla babies having been born in just six weeks. 5 baby  gorillas have been born in Bwindi Impenetrable national park in the different sectors of the park and 1 baby gorilla in Mgahinga gorilla park.

About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are endangered primate species that live in the forested mountains of East and central Africa. Their population had declined due to poaching, human encroachment on their habitats and civil wars. After several conservation efforts, the total mountain gorilla population has increased steadily now estimated at 1063 gorillas.

East Africa is a home to these primates living in the forested mountains of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest has the highest gorilla population of all the gorilla destinations. The park has over 15 habituated mountain gorilla groups that are open to tourist visitation. With the new and increased gorilla births we just hope for the best especially for conservation and gorilla tourism.

Those interested in mountain gorilla tracking  can have a gorilla tour arranged to one of the destinations.

While on the mountain gorilla trek, tourists are allowed in the presence of mountain gorillas for strictly one hour. This helps to limit contact to avoid disease spreading among gorillas and humans.  Mountain gorillas have 95% DNA similar to humans with chances of transmitting diseases easily if interaction is not limited.

In case you want more time with the gorillas in then you can opt for a mountain gorilla habituation experience. This experience is where gorillas are accustomed to human beings presence in the wild. Tourists on the gorilla habituation experience stay for 4 hours in the presence of the gorillas.

Note is that mountain gorilla tours are on high demand with need to book gorilla permits in advance. The gorilla permits usually get sold out in the high season from June to September and from December to March.

You can have a mountain gorilla tour arranged anytime and visit one of the two gorilla parks in Uganda.  The best gorilla trekking experiences can be had in the dry season with minimal rainfall disturbances.

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