Kenya Wildlife is pretty outstanding and makes this beautiful East African country a highly desired safari destination.  Kenya is an East African country located along the coast bordering the Indian ocean in the South Eastern part.  With a land area of 580,367 square Kilometers, Kenya is the second largest country in East Africa after Tanzania. Kenya also borders Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia to the North and Somalia to the East.

Kenya is of the leading tourist destinations in East Africa with a number of attractions from Wildlife to unique culture.  Because of this diverse beauty,  it was named Magical Kenya and a Visit to this beautiful country is truly rewarding. English and Swahili are the leading official languages of Kenya though there are other ethnic tribes and languages.

Kenya's Wildlife

Kenya’s wildlife makes it one of the most outstanding countries in the East African region. The country is a wonder of East Africa with abundant wildlife and where the famous wildebeest migration takes place.

Wildlife resources range from mountains, rift valley, rivers and animal species making it among the most visited East African countries. Because of this, Kenya has over 20 national parks or reserves where tourists seeking authentic wildlife experiences visit every year.

Kenya offers Africa’s wildlife wonders’ like big five mammals experiences, wildebeest migration, big cats safari experiences seen on game drives. Most famous wildlife safari destinations in Kenya are the Savannah parks like the Masai Mara game reserve with various wildlife.  While on a Kenya wildlife safari look out for animals like the big Five mammals, antelopes, zebras, and bird species.

Kenya has Nairobi national park located near Nairobi and the only national park near the city.  It has various wildlife species and the best destination for those seeking for a one or two days safari excursions.  The country is also blessed to have marine national parks with sea wildlife species. In Kisite Mpuguti and Watamu marine parks, there are sea mammals like whales, dolphins, rare sea turtles among others.

Kenya national parks can be visited anytime of the year and anyone seeking for a Kenya wildlife safari should visit.

Amboseli National Park. Kenya
African Sunset in Amboseli NP Kenya. Photo by Julius Dadalti


Kenya is also among East Africa’s leading archaeology sites where early man settlement can be traced. Through archaeological research, fossils of human settlement dating between 3200 and 1300 BC were discovered.  This is one unique adventure you can engage in while on a visit to Kenya.


For exclusive African culture Kenya, still takes the lead with native tribes like the Masai that offers great cultural experiences. The Masai stay on the outskirts of Masai Mara and were resettled out of the park to foster wildlife conservation.  Many have been involved in tourism as local guides which has enabled them to directly make a living.

There are other tribes and ethnic groups in Kenya including the luo, Kikuyu, luhya, Kalenjin and many others. with this diversity, Kenya offers great cultural experiences. There have also been several foreign settlements fro, Arabs, Europeans and people from different walks of life.

Kenya has white sand beaches along the Indian Ocean and a number of Islands best for honeymoon holidays.