Gorilla permits are passes required at gorilla national park headquarters on the day of gorilla tracking. They are valid for one day and if not used expire and one would be required to pay a fresh.

For one to track mountain gorillas, they need to buy a gorilla tracking permit for a particular day they prefer. Each of the 3 countries with Mountain gorillas has its own mountain permit price. Uganda charges $700 for foreign tourists, $600 foreign residents in East Africa and $70 for East African Citizens. Rwanda charges $1500 for all those interested in tracking gorillas in Volcanoes national park. Democratic Republic of Congo charges $500 for tourists interested in tracking gorillas in its Virunga National park.

Ensure to book your gorilla permit for the preferred national park in advance to avoid missing out. Important to note is gorilla permits  from June to September and December to March easily get fully booked. In low season from April to May, October to November there is little traffic but some days get fully booked.

About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are primates with a 95% DNA similar to humans making them one of human beings closest wild relatives. They live in the Virunga massif stretching along the border from northwestern Rwanda, southwestern Uganda and Eastern DRC. Mountain gorillas also live in the forested mountains for Bwindi Impenetrable national park in southwestern Uganda.

The Virunga massif has three national parks; Volcanoes National park Rwanda, Mgahinga gorilla park Uganda and Virunga National park DRC.

Gorillas live in families of up to 20 individuals or more headed by dominant male gorillas called Silver-backs. For a mountain gorilla family to be opened to tourist visitation, its first undergoes the mountain gorilla habituation process. This is where mountain gorillas are accustomed to human beings presence in their midst making it safer for tourists.

Mountain gorilla tracking is one of the ultimate and most sought out wildlife experience while in destination East Africa. It’s a highly demanded activity however due to the need for conservation and habitat protection, its very restricted. Only 8 tourists are allowed to track a gorilla family per day staying in their presence for strictly one hour.

Mountain Gorilla Arm Bwindi Uganda. Gorilla Permits
Mountain Gorilla Uganda. Courtesy Photo

Where to buy Gorilla Permits

You can directly buy the gorilla permits from the government bodies in charge of the gorilla parks. In Rwanda, you can  buy the gorilla permits from the Rwanda Development Board portal that can be easily accessed online.  For Uganda, you can buy them from Uganda wildlife Authority and DRC you can get them from Virunga national park.

You can alternatively secure the gorilla permits through a trusted local agent. If you don’t want to miss a Uganda, DRC  and Rwanda gorilla tour ensure to book the permits in advance.