First Time Unmissable Travel Experiences on a Kenya Safari Expedition

Adventure lovers enjoy Kenya Safaris as the country is East Africa’s safari favorites for many and with great wildlife experiences. Many have described such adventures as unique and classic and still keep yearning for more.

Many tourists haven’t visited this beautiful country and would wonder bucket list options to include on the itinerary. Let’s explore these unmissable travel experiences on a Kenya safari expedition for travelers touring the country for the first time.

Safari in Masai Mara

Masai Mara national reserve is located in southwestern Kenya and its a wildlife destination for Africa’s finest safaris. While on Kenya safaris or expeditions for the first time, Masai Mara should be number one on the list.

The reserve is home to big cats like Lions, leopards, cheetahs often seen in action hunting their prey. There are many other predators here including hyenas, scavenger birds, wild dogs as well as various antelope species.

Safari game drives in Masai Mara are very rewarding with sighting of various wildlife species and the famous wildebeest migration. The reserve can be visited any time of the year therefore ensure to add it on your Must visit places.

Safaris in Masai mara can also be enjoyed in hot air balloons giving one an aerial view of the park’s wildlife. There are also guided nature walks by the Masai bringing one closer to the wildlife in the park. With all these, you can have a number of activities to choose from while on a visit here.

lioness in Masai Mara. Kenya Safaris
Lioness After Meal in Masai Mara. Photo by Yarin Klein
Elephant Herds Viewing in Amboseli National Park

Covering a land area of 392 square Kilometers, Amboseli national park has a diverse ecosystem with Must see wildlife species. The park is most famous for the many herds of elephants often seen feeding in the rich pasture and plants.

The park neighbors Mount Kilimanjaro and its the best place to see this highest free-standing mountain in the world. Kenya safaris in Amboseli with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro are breathtaking and a Must for Kenya’s first time Visitors.

Amboseli national park is home to other wildlife species like cape buffaloes, spotted hyenas, Masai giraffes, blue wildebeest among others. If you are interested in the largest land mammals (Elephants) with Kilimanjaro in the background, Visit Amboseli national park.

Most of the wildlife here can be explored while on game drives and guided nature walks. The park also has native Maasai people offering a great cultural experience on a visit to the Maasai Village.

Herd of Elephants in Amboseli National Park
Elephants in Amboseli National Park. Courtesy Photo
Pink Flamingo flocks in Lake Nakuru

Kenya is also a leading birding safari destination and you witness this on a visit to Lake Nakuru national park. The park has over 450 recorded bird species but the most outstanding of these are pink flamingos.

Almost a third of Lake Nakuru national park is covered by Lake Nakuru a rift valley soda lake. The lake has a lot of algae the reason why many flamingos flock the lake shore to feed. Other bird species that can be seen here include white pelicans, Blue-eared starling, sooty falcons, great snipes and others.

The best time to visit Lake Nakuru national park is from November to April a breeding season for birds. This is also the time birds are in full plumage (a lot of bird feathers) creating a sight to see.

A side from birds, Kenya Safaris in Lake Nakuru national parks offers wildlife encounters with other wildlife species. These include rhinos, giraffes, water-bucks, lions, cheetahs, leopards plus large pythons that inhabit the woodland areas of the park.

Pink flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park. Kenya Safari
Pink flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya. Photo by Simone Paleari
Tour the Historical Mombasa Towns

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city situated at the Kenya coastline with the Indian Ocean. The city is among the busiest places in Kenya with a very rich history plus Kenya’s culture and Heritage.

Its inhabited by a mixed race of people from native Kenyans, Arabs, Portuguese, Indians and other Asians. Its always great to have a cultural insight about all these groups of people while on Kenya Safaris.

Key attractions include the historical Fort Jesus and old town with local markets, souvenir shops along the towns narrow streets. For wildlife, you can visit Mombasa marine park where you can see dolphins, do sport fishing and water sport activities.

The town also has beautiful white sand beaches perfect for beach holidays where you can sunbathe. You can also engage in beach sport like volleyball and beach soccer.

Jewellery. Fort Jesus Mombasa
Jewellery in Fort Jesus Mombasa. Courtesy Photo

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