East African Safari Destinations that are great to Explore off-season

Tourists visit various safari destinations on East Africa but often do this in the peak season. East Africa’s peak season ranges from June to October and December to March with highest tourist numbers recorded in safari destinations.

The off season from April to May and Late October to November is equally a good time to travel. This however gets low tourists numbers because of some rainfall disturbances. Rainfall in the tourists low season doesn’t prevent tourist activities and many tourists actually prefer to travel during this time.

During this time, one greatest advantage is safari destinations are usually less crowded. This enables tourists to have intimate and exclusive safari experiences and knowing destinations in details. Lets look at some of the leading safari destinations in East Africa that great to explore off season.

This famous primates national park is situated in northwestern Rwanda and its among the most visited safari destinations in Rwanda. The park is home to various primates species including mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

During the peak season, volcanoes national park receives many tourists and some miss as gorilla permits get fully booked. In the off season however there is usually less chances of missing on the permits and the park is not very busy.

If you are therefore much into exclusive and less crowded primates safari experiences in Rwanda you can visit in the off season. The parks major activities can be done throughout the year so you will definitely have a great time.

Golden Monkey Rwanda. Safari Destinations
Golden Monkey in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. Photo by Steve Woods

This savanna national park is most famous for the wildebeest migration, big five mammals, big cats and diverse wildlife. The park is one of the most busiest safari destinations in East Africa in the peak season.

Much as you get to enjoy most of the wildlife species, there is need to have a more intimate safari experience. This usually happens off season when tourist numbers reduce. Given that there is usually rainfall, the grass regains a lush green providing an impressive scenic view.

The migratory birds are another reason to visit Serengeti off season if interested in birding. The rates for major lodges are also discounted enabling to travel at an affordable rate but still enjoy.

Leopard in Serengeti National Park. Safari Destinations
Leopard in Serengeti National Park Tanzania. Photo by George Benjamin

Famous for mountain gorillas, this tropical rain forested national park is a UNESCO world heritage site located in Southwestern Uganda. The park is among the most diverse primates park with mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and many monkey species.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park has half of the remaining mountain gorillas making it an ultimate gorilla tracking destination. The park has four major sectors each with habituated gorilla families but permits get fully booked in peak seasons.

In-case you miss visiting Bwindi in the peak season you can as well to the gorilla trek off season. This time is not as busy as the peak season and you can get to track gorillas few in number. The total number allowed per day is 8 which is fair but off season you could be only 4. Despite the season, always ensure to book your gorilla permits in advance to avoid missing out.

Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi. Wildlife Conservation
Baby Mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP. Photo by Jonathan Benaiah

This is among Kenya’s ultimate safari destinations and no doubt the most visited of all. The park is famous for its wildlife and the wildebeest migration wonder between here and Serengeti makes visits here remarkable.

A visit to Masai Mara anytime of the year is very rewarding. A visit off season is not only exclusive but also enables you to enjoy the parks green vegetation and flowers. During this time, there are births enabling one to have safaris featuring newly borns of the reserve.

Rare Migratory birds species can also be seen during this time as well as Masai Mara’s major native and resident species. Wildlife viewing in Masai Mara off season is very enjoyable and you can never regret visiting the reserve.

Ostriches Maasai Mara National Reserve. Safari destinations
Ostriches in Maasai Mara. Courtesy Photo

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