Destinations feature East African countries with brief backgrounds about their leading tourist attractions. The East African region has 4 main destinations featured here that include Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

We added Democratic Republic of Congo that is in Central Africa whose potential has been less explored. Important to note is that its Eastern tourist destinations can be accessed through East African countries of Rwanda and Uganda.

In these featured destinations, you will get information you need to know prior your visit to any of your choice. East Africa has over the years gained popularity as the worlds’ number 1 safari destination for nature lovers.

Here you will get to uncover the regions wildlife wonders that happen in no other places but here. Wildlife wonders like the wildebeest migration, rare wildlife species like mountain gorillas and beautiful landscapes of endless savanna plains.

On destinations you will get general overviews of the East African people’s culture and heritage. Get to know more about the local people of each country exploring some of their cultural practices.

Our main focus was on wildlife,  national parks and landscapes as they are the major tourist attractions in East Africa.  The region has other attractions that we will be featuring in special editions and write ups. For specific information about a given attraction in any country you can explore more on our blog.

As you explore more about the region, you will uncover all the hidden tourism potentials. You can also check on the different tailor made safari itineraries. These feature major safari destinations and can be further modified to suit any ones’ needs.

All these destinations can be visited anytime of the year. For better safari experiences however, its advisable to visit in the dry season from June to August and from December to February. The wet season is also a great time to visit and its best for birding safaris.