Democratic Republic of Congo Joins the East African Community

Tourism and Trade is East Africa is anticipated to greatly improve as Democratic Republic of Congo joins the East African Community. The membership of this vast state was announced on March 29 as the different heads of State officially welcomed the country to the regional block.

The East African Community initially had five member states namely Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. When South Sudan broke away from Sudan, it applied to be member of the East African Community and has recently been joined by DRC.  This brings the total number of countries to 7.

Democratic Republic of Congo is the 2nd largest country on the African continent with over 92 million people. Its capital city is Kishasa located at the extreme western part of the country bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The country has other small cities and towns in the Eastern part like Goma and Bukavu that are separated from the western part by the thick tropical Congo forest.

The Indian and Atlantic Ocean Link

The membership of DRC has brought to the East African Community a connection of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. On the eastern part of the community, Kenya and Tanzania have a long Coastline bordering the Indian Ocean. This part of the region has vast tourism opportunities from the all white sand beaches to the Marine wildlife.

Many travelers worldwide Visit East Africa for beach holidays along the coastal towns of the East African community. Here they engage in beach activities like sun bathing, beach volley ball, relaxed beach walks among others. Other major tourist activities include snorkelling, diving where they get to see the aquatic wildlife like dolphins, fish species, sea turtles and many more.

Now that DRC has officially joined the East African Community, it has expanded the region connecting it to the Atlantic Ocean. This is a great boost to the regions trade and the future of the tourism industry.

The Membership of DRC has opened up the East African community to a market of the 92 million people subsequently increasing the community’s GDP.


Destination East Africa is very famous for its wildlife making it one of the most visited destinations on the planet. Magical Kenya has the big five mammals, with over 20 protected areas open for tourist visitation. The country also has exclusive luxury lodges and Safari Camps where you can enjoy high-end services in the wilderness. Notable places in Kenya include the Masai Mara game reserve which experiences the wildebeest migration. This annual animal migration takes place between Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Parks.

The great wildebeest migration involves millions of wildebeest, hundreds of zebras, Thompson gazelles and other major grazers. These move over the open plains of Serengeti and Masai Mara for fresh pasture. The migration attracts the regions predators especially the big cats (Lions, leopards, cheetahs) that hunt down the grazers. The deadly crocodiles in the Mara and Grumeti Rivers also hunt down the grazers as they cross over in their quests up-north.

The action packed safari adventures here are great moments to catch up with for nature lovers and offer classic African safari experiences.

Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are famous for the primates. The three are homes to the rare mountain gorillas that are endemic to the region. These primates have over 95% DNA similar to humans making them some of humans closest wild relatives. They live in families of up to 20 individuals headed by the dominant male mountain gorilla called Silverback.

DRC also has the Eastern Lowland gorillas endemic to the region offering yet another great primate trekking expedition. These live in the forested mountains of Kahuzi Beiga National Park in Eastern DRC. With DRC joining the East African Community it can only mean a great boost to the tourism industry with more and more wildlife safari adventure opportunities

This is a multiple entry Visa valid for 90 days and for now is only applicable to Uganda,  Kenya and Rwanda. You have to apply for this from the first country of the 3 you are to enter and would not have to apply for another Visa as long as you keep within the 3 countries.

The DRC visa has been an issue of the years with one having to apply at least a week in advance. Now that the country is part of the community more agreements will be reached upon to ease the movement of tourists and the local people.

Visit East Africa and traverse from the east to the west coast taking part in endless adventures.