Best places for camping safaris in East Africa

The East African adventures never end and camping safaris make these adventures even more enjoyable. With the diverse wildlife destinations East Africa has, accommodation is an important facility and some travelers choose camping safaris.

Camping safaris are very budget friendly and the best option in case you don’t want to spend much on safari. With camping however there is a chance of a shared bathrooms as tents for camping are movable. Each of the camping area has bathrooms and toilet facilities but not as ones in self contained lodges.

Lets explore the best places for camping safaris in East Africa’s most sought for wildlife destinations.

Kidepo National Park

This true African wilderness is located in Northeastern Uganda and its the most isolated national park. Kidepo national park has a variety of wildlife species and its among the only two places in Uganda where you can see zebras.

Game drives are the major activities done here as you get rewarded with wildlife including elephants, lions, giraffes among others. There are a number of antelopes, birds, buffaloes whose number match the wildebeest population in Serengeti.

The park has a number of accommodation but camping safaris would be very ideal here. The parks flat endless plains offers a perfect view right from your camp. The park has a well set area for wilderness camping with amenities that include water, bathroom, toilet and campfire. Feel free to come with your camping material in-case its what you prefer. You can alternatively hire a tent from the Uganda Wildlife Authority but ensure to have your own bedding.

For your safety its good to have a park ranger so that you don’t stray. Wild animals freely roam the park and its safe to have a ranger other than being alone.

Kidepo Valley National Park. Camping Safaris
Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda. Courtesy Photo
Akagera National Park

Camping safaris in Akagera national park is one great adventure you must not miss while on a visit Rwanda expedition. The park is the only savanna wildlife destination in Rwanda and has 3 campsites that include Muyumbu, shakani and Mutumba.

Shakani and Muyumba campsites are situated in the southern sector of Akagera national park. Muyumba campsite is strategically located on a ridge offering perfect views of lake Ihema and Lake Shakani. This spot of one of the best to watch the sun rise. Shakani Campsite is situated on the shores of Lake shakani offering the best way to wake up to lake views.

Mutumba campsite is located in the northern sector of Akagera national park that has the highest concentration of wildlife. There are tents for hire at the Akagara national park reception for only those staying in the southern sector. You are however supposed to bring your own camping equipment and supplies.

While in Akagera national park you will see wildlife from Elephants, buffaloes, lions, hippos, zebras, a number of birds among others. Don’t miss out on your adventurous camping safari while in the land of a thousand hills.

African Fish Eagle in Akagera National Park Rwanda. Camping Safaris
African Fish Eagle Akagera National Park. Courtesy Photo
Masai Mara

This is Kenya’s most famous and among the most Visited national parks in Kenya and the world at large. The reserve is best known for the wildebeest migration an annual animal mass movement of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras.

Masai Mara boosts large animal populations including large prides of lions, herds of elephants, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas among others. The bird life here is very vibrant and birding can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Camping safaris in Masai mara are great and offer excellent adventure experiences as you get close to nature. There are some under canvas movable tents that are moved according to the movement of wildebeest migration in order not to miss out. There are a number of private and public campsites in Masai Mara and you would need to make a booking for a private camp.

Examples of campsites in Masai mara include Oloololo campsite, Kiboko Campsite, Ndovu Campsite, Kijito campsite, Kishanga campsite among others.

Cheetah Masai Mara. Kenya Tours
Cheetah in Masai Mara. Photo by Rishi Rudani
Tarangire National park

This among Tanzania’s famous national parks located in the northern part of the country. The park’s beauty and wildlife diversity is unmatched but its among the most underrated national parks in Tanzania. This is because its overshadowed by the famous Serengeti national park and a few people there get to visit the place.

Many tourists make a stop over here for a couple of hours en route to Serengeti while others miss it. Tarangire national park is therefore not crowded and offers exclusive camping safaris and excellent general wildlife experiences.

The elephant migration, birds, giraffes zebras, wildebeest, gazelles and the parks quiet serenity make visits here worthwhile.

Zebras in Tarangire NP Tanzania. Camping safaris
Zebras in Tarangire NP Tanzania. Courtesy Photo

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