Best East African Destinations to See African Elephants

The East African region is a leading wildlife safari destination on the continent and among the best places to see African Elephants. These live in the many protected areas the region has.

East Africa has both forest and savanna elephants and we will be exploring best places to see these giant land mammals.

This is one of Kenya’s most visited national parks all thanks to the herds of elephants and the majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain. African elephants here are often photographed with an incredible view of mount Kilimanjaro.

There are a number of lodges in the park that arrange safari game drives focussed on elephants. This enables one to get to know all about these gentle land giants. The park can be visited anytime of the year however the drug season offers a better experience. This runs from June to October.

African Elephants in Amboseli National Park. 6 Days Kenya Safari
African Elephants in Amboseli National Park. Photo by Thomas Vijayan

This park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and among the most exclusive savannah parks in the country. African elephants here are red colored because the national parks soils are dry and reddish as well.

Tarangire national park is home to over 100,000 elephants often seen in herds over the beautiful national park plains. Most times they go down the river to take water providing an incredible safari sight to see.

African Elephants in Tarangire National Park
African Elephants in Tarangire National Park. Courtesy Photo

This is Uganda’s largest national park with diverse wildlife species including the African elephants. The animals in this park are much concentrated in the northern sector of the park and Elephants are seen in herds grazing.

Safari game drives in Murchison falls National park are very rewarding as you get to see the different animals species here. The park can be best visited in the drug season from June to September and December to March.

Elephant in Murchison Falls National Park
African Elephants in Murchison Falls National Park. Courtesy Photo

Located in eastern DRC, Virunga national park is among the oldest national parks on the African continent. The park is blessed to have both forest and savanna elephants. Savanna elephants in Virunga live in the open savanna plains that extends to the shores of lake Edward.

Forest Elephants live in the forested Virunga Volcanic mountains though they are rurally seen. DRC has over the years been having security issues and because of that the park is not fully explored

Many of East African national parks have elephants and are easily spotted on many of the game drives done there. Visit East Africa now for unforgettable safari experiences with Elephants.

African Elephants in Virunga National Park. East African Tour
African Elephants in Virunga National Park. Photo by Anthony Caere

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