Ahead of the Game on DR Congo Tours Exploring Africa’s Wildlife Marvel

DRC is one safari destination that’s gaining popularity as people take on Congo tours exploring this vast wildlife marvel. DRC is the largest in Sub-saharan Africa with the biggest part of Congo Basin a ecosystem with diverse wildlife.

The country is home to three of the world’s great apes namely the chimpanzees, Mountain and lowland gorillas. With this, DRC is the leading primates destination in East and Central Africa therefore take on Congo tours for primates expeditions.

Key Interests on Congo Tours

Mountain gorillas in Virunga national park are the most famous primates in the country. Virunga national park is located in Eastern DRC and the best destination for gorilla tracking because of its exclusivity. Unlike other mountain gorilla parks in the region, this park has less tourist crowds thus offering intimate gorilla experiences.

Virunga national park can be accessed through Rwanda and Uganda or you can directly fly to Goma DRC’s eastern town. From here you can drive to the park in about an hour enjoying scenic views of the Virunga massif.

Apart from mountain gorillas, Virunga national park has other wildlife species including chimpanzees, birds, golden monkeys seen on nature walks.

Still in the Virunga national park area, there is Mount Nyiragongo an active volcano that is hiked by adventure tourists. Congo tours featuring mount Nyiragongo hike are very exceptional as you get to witness volcanic action on the mountain summit. This hike offers views of the nearby volcanoes and the beautiful lake Kivu.

Those interested in a very unique gorilla specie can visit Kahuzi Beiga national park further south. The park is the only place on the planet with lowland gorillas the largest of all gorilla species.

Lowland gorilla tracking is much more fun as you get an opportunity to meet these giants in their natural habitats. With this, you meet a number of endemic wildlife species not found in any other place except the park.

Near Kahuzi Biega is a wildlife sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees called Lwiro Sanctuary. It was initially for chimpanzees but has over time taken in wildlife species that have fallen victims of poaching. A tour here enables you meet wildlife species like the owl-faced monkeys, olive baboons, blue monkeys and others.

Mount Nyiragongo; Congo Tours, 2 Days Nyiragongo Hike
Mount Nyiragongo Hot Lava. Photo by Jason Shepherd
Away from the Jungle

From the jungle, you can have Congo tours to lake Kivu where you can do water sport activities like Kayaking. Lake Kivu lies along the DRC border with Rwanda and in the Congo side it has the beautiful Tchegera island.

While at Tchegera island, you can do boat trips, sport fishing or can choose to relax at the beach. If you are interested in local community experiences you can have them too.

Whereas DRC does not have good reputation especially in terms of security, the country is the regions underrated tourism destination. In-case you are interested in Congo tours don’t hesitate to add the country on your travel bucket list.

Tchegera Island DRC. Congo Tours
Tchegera Island DRC. Courtesy Photo

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