Mikeno lodge is located in Mahura forest at Rumangabo park headquarters with view of the Virunga Volcanoes. Being located in the forest, the lodge offers immediate views of a number of wildlife species including birds and primates. Primates often seen include Colobus monkeys, olive baboons, chimpanzees among others.

The lodge has facilities with a restaurant, a bar, a lounge facing the forest.  The Lounge has a fire place and you can have a drink or tea enjoying sights and sounds of nature. Mikeno lodge has 12 self-contained bungalows with 6 double and 6 twin rooms that have a 24 hours electricity supply. There is also a fireplace in each bungalow for warmth because Virunga NP is a cold place. Each bungalow also has a bathtub and stone shower and you can easily access hot water for a bath.

The lodge is an ideal place for accommodation in-case you to have a mountain gorilla trek in Virunga national park. Other activities include nature walks in Mahura forest, birding, primate watching and visiting the orphaned gorillas at Senkwekwe center.  You can also go for a visit to the Congo hounds at the canine center. This lodge easily gets fully booked therefore ensure to book in advance.

Mikeno Lodge Virunga National Park
Mikeno Lodge Virunga National Park. Courtesy Photo

Tchegera Tented camp is located on Tchegera island situated in Lake Kivu. The  tented camp offers magnificent views of Congo’s active volcanic mountains Mount Nyiragongo & Mount Nyamuragira.  Two of Virunga’s major mountains mount Mikeno and Mount Karismbi are also clearly seen while at Tchegera Camp.

Tchegera Tented camp has 6 tents with 4 doubles and 2 twin rooms self-contained with hot showers and flush toilets. The tented camp also has a full functional bar and restaurant where meals and drinks are served overlooking the lake.

This beautiful tented camp is an ideal place for those who want to hike Mount Nyiragongo (with an early pickup). Other activities include birding, nature walks, snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking. Its also an ideal resting place for tourists from Mountain gorilla tracking or Mount Nyiragongo hike.

Tchegera Island Tented Camp, DRC
Twin Room at Tchegera Island Tented Camp. Courtesy Photo

Kibumba Tented Camp

This facility is located along the slopes of Mount Mikeno and its Virunga national parks main accommodation option. Given that Mount Mikeno is forested, wildlife species can be seen at the comfort of Kibumba tented camps lounge or Veranda. Often seen include primates like monkeys and a number of bird species. Kibumba tented camp offers views of three major Virunga massif volcanoes that are Nyiragongo, Mount Nyamuragira and Mount Karisimbi.  While at the camp, you also view Mitumba Mountains enjoying sights of nature.

Kibumba Tented camp has 18 tents with 9 doubles and 9 twin tents self-contained with en-suite bathrooms and flush toilets.  There is access to hot water given that the area is cold and one would need to shower or have a hot bath. During the wet rain season in July and August temperatures fall to about 10 degrees therefore hot water is very essential and its readily available when needed.

Kibumba is the main accommodation facility of the park and gorilla tracking is the main activity you can engage in. Other activities include birding and nature walks offering great wildlife encounters as you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Kibumba Tented Camp. DRC
Volcanic Views from Kibumba Tented Camp, DRC Courtesy Photo