Visit East Africa to the diverse wildlife and stunning geographical features. Explore attractions like the great rift valley, mountains, lakes, Rivers including the Source of Africa’s Longest river, the Nile River.

East Africa comprises of six countries that are Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and south Sudan. The region borders the Indian Ocean along the Eastern part with a long Coastline running from Kenya to Tanzania.

This beautiful region also borders DRC in the East though its literally part of destination East Africa. This is because Eastern DRC can be easily accessed through the East African countries of Rwanda and Uganda.

Destination East Africa has the best weather making wildlife safaris possible throughout the year. Visit East Africa and enjoy unforgettable wildlife wonders with primates, savanna wildlife and unique cultures of the native East African communities. Join this epic journey to uncover all hidden tourism treasures in the region and travel the less traveled paths.

The highlights above feature some of East Africa’s leading tourist attractions. Take on adventurous wildebeest migration safaris in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game reserve. Here you will also see the major big five mammals. For exclusive primate safaris, Uganda, Rwanda and DRC got you covered. Trek to the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and lowland gorillas and meet these primates in their most preferred homes.  

DRC is even more interesting with the lowland gorillas another specie that is also endangered and endemic to the country. Visit East Africa now for many of these never ending safari adventures

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